2017 Chevrolet Corvette bogs down in neutral?

why does my 2017 corvette seem like its bogging down when im in nutreal and just give it a little gas real quick then let off, u can here like air sucking or something maybe running to rich?

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Your 2017 Vette has program in the computer called a REV LIMITER.

This means the computer in your vehicle knows there’s no reason to rev the engine while in neutral.

Now go and try to drag your Vette.


Oh, Lord, don’t encourage him!:tired_face:

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It’s a Sports Car for crying out loud!

You have a warranty , use it .

It’s OK to race his Corvette in the right setting. I’m sure there is a track near the OP where he can get his ya-yas out.

If the OP isn’t challenging would-be drag race opponents at traffic lights, then the proper place to address this is at the Chevy dealer as suggested by @VOLVO_V70.

EDIT. just thought of that too. neutral is not the same as 1st gear with clutch in. duh. as in why would you shift to neutral and rev the motor?

Assuming this is a manual 'Vette, right? I know what you mean. My question back to the OP is this: “Does it do that same thing if you shift to 1st, hold the clutch in and then blip the throttle?” I’m betting it does not. If my scenario is correct, I think that the brake being engaged, or being in neutral may be part of this. Some cars, in some situations, won’t rev if you have your foot on the brake and I wonder if that safety system is also extended to the car when in neutral.