2017 Buick LaCrosse - is there a bowling ball in the trunk?

Noise from trunk area sounds like a bowling ball in the trunk

This is why I would like the forum moderators to require a 140 character minimum on initial posts. For some unknown reason the majority of posters in the “Ask someone” category do not ask anything, just make a statement and want responders to play twenty question to get basic information.
So here are your first two questions:

  1. Have you looked in the trunk area?
  2. Is your Buick still within the 36/36000 warranty?

Larry, you are experiencing what is called “loose lumber” in the car design world. Usually caused by failing upper shock mounts on the rear shocks OR failing shocks. Yes, it is early for this, maybe - you don’t say how many miles on this car, or really tell us ANYthing about this car - but stuff happens.


well, remove the bowling ball… :grin:


So the previous owner forgot his bowling ball in the trunk of your car? Anything else valuable in there?

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The question is usually implied. In this case it’s, “What the heck is making the noise?” Unfortunately I don’t know but Mustangman seems to be on the right track.

Has the OP checked to be sure that the spare tire, jack, and other items are secured properly?
If they are properly secured, then Mustangman’s suggestion merits consideration.

Hi Purebred. As I’ve tried to share before, and some of this is on us to try to clarify, I would caution you away from applying a thought process such as “these posters want xyz members of the car talk community to read their minds,” because these questions usually come from another website. Some of the questions that look like statements get deleted because they’re too vague. With respect to this one, I let it through because I can tell from the phrasing that the guy doesn’t know where the sound is coming from and is looking for ideas. If he knew, he either wouldn’t have posted or would have added.

as for the character minimum idea, I can pass that on. Thank you for your feedback.

And I’ve noticed that many of them don’t seem to come to this site to get answers. The original post is the only one. They never respond to questions to clarify or add info. Many don’t even register any read time in the forum.

Many do not, but there’s a noticeable plurality of people who reply by email, which you can identify by the envelope on the corner of the post. It’s not a perfect system by any means, but it brings us the vast majority of the question traffic on our forum. There are a number of projects on going on the main cartalk.com site, and I am in discussions with the folks in charge of our digital world here.

Car has 66000 miles , I have an extended warranty . I think you are right about the shocks. I doubt the warranty covers this. Thank you

If that extended warranty is actually from GM, then it is possible that this might be covered, depending on the specific details of your warranty. If it was issued by anyone other than GM, then it is surely not covered.

Stabilizer bar control link both sides rear broken and and intermittently bouncing against the rear of auto. Not expensive but could have have been destructive. The extended warranty would have covered but not beyond the deductible

How long after your first post did you have this fixed ? Did you take it to a shop ? Are you saying the cost was less then your deductible or that the warranty did not cover it ?

Stabilizer bar control link both sides .warranty would have engaged however the repair and deductible were about equal. Not worth effort…Had it in repair shop Within two days of post. Repair made a major difference, removed my link to the lanes Take Care & Thanks