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2016 Volvo XC60 hesitates before acceleration

When stopped at a light, (eco feature turned off) does your car hesitate when you take your foot off the brake and start to accelerate? It’s like the car “grabs”. Not a smooth take off at all. Car kind of jerks forward.

I just do not understand a question like this. Why even ask if anyone has this problem . Your Volvo has a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty so just return to dealer with your questions and problems.

I thought this was a discussion forum. Have you ever gone into a dealer and tell them you hear a noise or the car drives different?? The look they give you is discouraging. “Yes’ ma’am we will check it out”. Hours later they tell you “we couldn’t replicate the event”. I had hoped to see if this is a quirk of this car or if it could be addressed by asking others who drive the car.

You have not said if you went to dealer or not . And yes it is a forum so you do not get to dictate the response’s . You have something about this vehicle that you do not like so if you cannot get satisfaction from your dealer there is a corporate contact page in your manual.

@Halkyard I think you should know that the ’ Ask Someone ’ title is misleading . It puts your post in the Car Talk regular forum and not just to 2016 XC60 Volvo owners . If all you want to do is contact other Volvo owners then you should search for a Volvo specific forum.

@Halkyard it is true that your comment was sent to a forum that isn’t dedicated to Volvo owners. Perhaps someone else has experienced the same thing, or knows something about it.

Does it have automatic stop/start? Has it always acted this way?

Thank you. Lesson learned. I was surprised how quickly the troll responded.

It has keyless start button. I bought it used so just wanted to know if it was supposed to drive this way. It’s wonderful on the highway. Just the jerky start that is unusual

Some cars are designed to shut off the engine completely when you stop, say, at a red light, then start it up when you take your foot off the gas. Does your XC60 do this?


I believe ECO mode makes the accelerator pedal to be less responsive. Try turning ECO mode off to see if there is an improvement. I stopped using ECO mode on my 2013 Equinox a few years after I found in regular mode driveability was greatly improve with only a ~0.5 mpg drop in mileage.

Ed B.