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2016 Volkswagen Jetta - End of lease decision

We have a Volkswagen 20016 with a lease to end in the fall 2019. It has just 22,000 miles. Being in our 70’s should we release another, buy it outright. What are the benfites of either or both. Besides new battery and new tires what repairs shall be expected. Also it has no backup camera or other safety features we should have at our age.

Question asked,

Question answered.

Conclusion, buy or lease a new vehicle

Yes, go for new.
Your current VWs 36/36000 warranty will also be expired by the end of the lease. Though the engine/drive train is longer. VWs can be expensive to repair.

If your budget permits, I’d get a new one. The new warranty is fantastic for VWs. And you are wise to consider modern active safety features. Shame on VW for not having a rear-view camera in '16. One of the last to wake up to that handy tool. Don’t assume the '18s will have the safety stuff standard. I tested two base model Golfs in the last couple of months that did not have it. Worth checking.