2016 Toyota RAV4 - Multiple issues

So bought my 2016 Rav4 brand new and at 118,000 miles the air condition stopped working…. So took it to the dealer who informed me that the a/c condenser needed to be replaced… AND that the water pump was leaking onto the serpentine belt…. I had noticed that the car sounded kinda off but everytime I’ve taken it in for routine service it was never mentioned… honestly haven’t done anything to this car except routine maintenance (tires, brakes, oil changes, required maintenance) so I’m not unhappy it’s just not anything you plan for…

Those problems are not unusual for car that age at 118K. The condenser was probably damaged by road debris, small pebble thrown up from the road, etc. The water pump dynamic seal is probably the culprit causing it to leak. Best bet is to replace the A/C condenser & water pump with new parts, refill the A/C, flush and fresh coolant, and drive on.

Going forward, suggest to replace the engine coolant every 2-3 years. I’ve done that w/my 30 year old, 200k+ miles Corolla, and only had to replace the water pump one time, about 2 years ago. New coolant contains fresh pump lubricant & improved corrosion protection.

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I’d find a local shop that’s good at a/c to get a second quote, you don’t need the dealer to do it.


I’ve got a 2015 with almost 98K on it. I had 2 - 1994 camrys and one 2005 camry. I believe my RAV has the same engine as the camry. Anyway, none of the cars ever had a water pump go out. I don’t recall if I changed the pump when those lousy belts were changed in the 1994’s (they recommended 60K but I did it near 100K and they were fine). The 1994’s lasted over 200K (sold, donated) and the 2005 was traded in at 186K. I change my oil at 1500 to 2000 (yeah, overkill) and antifreez (drain/refill) at 3 to 5K. Drop trans fluid at 3 to 5K and did the filter once at 65K. I have nothing better to do so I keep the cars well maintained. I’ve never had a fuel pump go in any of these cars but that is one concern. I did change my brakes (front) at 90K or so. My AC still cools off nicely. I did see that in 2019, Toyota went from a canister oil filter (I don’t like them) to a spin on. When I get money, I’m getting a new Rav just to get the spin on!!! LOL

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at least the new camry’s/ravs have better radiators. the 1994’s had a plastic top and they cracked. Also, those CV boots would rip needing repair. Now they have all metal radiators (I believe) and the boots still look good.

Stuff breaks, even on reliable brands like Toyota. Just replace it and drive on. You can replace the car if you want to, but one water pump is not indicative of an unreliable car.

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That’s definitely well maintained . . . but a little extreme, imo

A little unbelievable, imo.

I know. gives me something to do. plus I know it’s maintained and will last. Used to waste 200 bucks a month on lottery. Now I don’t do that so I have money for car stuff. Problem is my age. Getting harder to work on a car in mid 60’s.