2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

If my summer tires (on rims) are stored at a dealer, when it comes time to remount them (winter tires removed) do they have to be rebalanced? I had no problems with the tires last summer. Also, this will be the final season for these summer tires.

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The balance charge is not much so why not just have it done at the same time as mounting.


I just noticed that this is a Hybrid . Why would you have Summer tires ( Summer tires means performance tires to me ) ? It seems like good all season tires would be all that you need.

Yes, there are regions where all season tires just aren’t sufficient so I get it even if other posters don’t. The balance shouldn’t change but do have the tires inspected because the rubber compounds in the tread can age even when tires aren’t in use.


I read the OP’s question differently. He says the summer tires are currently on rims, so “mounting” just means putting them on the car. If the wheels/tires did not show balance problems when they were removed from the car, they should be fine now without balancing.


They are “all season” tires but where I live we are required to install winter tires in December, so I just refer to these as “summer” tires, to distinguish from winter versions. Thanks for your comment. Cheers.

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Great advice. Thanks.

This is what I was thinking. The only factor that might change is that he tires might have worn unevenly and maybe this could change the balance? Thanks for your reply.

I suppose, if it is $10-15 per wheel, it will not be a deal breaker. Thanks for your reply.

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I have a Highlander with winter tires on their own rims. Sometimes I do have them re-balanced, but if I know the ride was now smooth when I took them off I do not. Make sense? They don’t go out of balance just from being stored. Also, paying for a balance is not a guarantee a tire will actually be balanced. Sadly, I find that tire balancing is a job not often done to perfection. I have had shops just add more weights and half-arse it many times. Rather than do it right. One side note: Many owners are now stepping the swapping unless they drive in extreme weather a lot. Tires like the Michelin CrossClimate2 grand touring tire and the Falken WildPeak A/T trail tire now come with the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol denoting severe snow service. We’ve switched our CX-5 to these and the snow performance is very near to a winter tire like a Blizzak. Not exactly the same, but good enough that we won’t be swapping rubber anymore. Planning to switch our Forester to the Falkens this year.

Please clarify. If you are simply swapping one set of ties already on rims for the other, no balancing is required unless they were out of balance before you had them swapped last time. Just being in storage won’t make them go out of balance.

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Interesting points to consider. Thanks for the reply.

I merely pointed out that they were in storage (on rims) wondering if Toyota Dealerships have a history of rebalancing tires that they have stored for the customer. Each set of tires is on their own rims. Thanks for your reply.

That would be different from dealer to dealer as not all dealerships store tires for customers . It just seems simple enough to agree to the balancing or telling them you don’t want it after you find out how much it cost.

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Short answer is no, they don’t.

Does the dealer charge you to store the tires? If not, the rebalancing might be their way of charging you rent to store the tires.

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Agreed. Thanks for your advice.

Yes, they charge for storage. I will probably decline the service as the tires were okay last autumn when they were removed, plus this will be their final seaon. Thanks for your reply.

If you live in a climate the makes Winter tires a good Idea and these tires are stored indoors, these tires should not age out in 6 years.

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Thanks for your reply.