2016 Toyota Highlander - Clanks

2016 highlander 60,000 miles loud metal clanking sound when accelerating noise increases from 20 to 30 mph car put in park to check then resumed driving with no problems.

Bear in mind I am not a mechanic but I wonder if it might be something like a loose heat shield? The fact that it occurs within a specific speed range suggests a resonance of some kind.

If it doesn’t do it again, I’d say fuhgeddaboudit.

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Yes the dealer says they need to duplicate it to fix it and visual inspection shows nothing wrong so it has happened three times in the past month now so I think I’ll just get rid of it

Why are you taking a 6 year old vehicle to a dealership? Are there no good independent mechanics in your area?

Why not at least give an indy mechanic a shot at diagnosing the problem?
One area for him to check is the U-joints on the drive shaft.

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Forces associated w/ accelerating causes the engine/transmission to twist, so might be caused by that. Noise is something attached to engine/transmission being stressed. Exhaust system seems like the first thing to check. Engine & transmissions mounts next up.

Thanks George, the dealer says visual inspection negative and they want to drive it around to see if they can duplicate the problem. Im glad I have a full tank of gas! Ha! still have a warranty package covered through dealer

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