2016 Toyota Camry doesn’t start, brake locked

Hi. I have 2016 Toyota Camry se. I last used it 4 days ago and everything was good. Today when I keyed in fully, engine didn’t start and I noticed that the brake pad is completely stiff and locked. I hear some screeching noise when I try to press the brake. First time I am seeing this issue and don’t know what to do. Any ideas what could be the issue here?

So the engine cranked but did not start? Or did not crank?

Did you try and jump start it?

The engine didn’t crank and no sound but the lights and display turned on. Steering wheel turns as well. Just the brake is stiff and engine doesn’t start.

The brake is stiff BECAUSE the engine won’t start. Ignore that.

Find the horse, not the zebra…

Look for the most likely simple things first. Dead battery, the car is 6 years old. If the battery is also 6 years old, it likely needs replacement. Start there, check voltage, recharge it, check again… 12.4 volts or more.


I was thinking its not the battery because I saw displays and light but, I dont know much about the cars. Thank you for the pointers, will try and see

Which take very little battery current… in contrast to the starter motor which takes a LOT of battery current.


I think you have to press the brake down to activate the starter. Maybe gotta press harder.


Two pretty common reasons for “fails to crank”

  • Transmission interlock safety switch. Make sure the transmission is in Park or instead try neutral.

  • Brake interlock safety switch. The brake pedal must be pressed first. The switch that detects that maybe isn’t working. Make sure the brake lights turn on when you step on the brake pedal.


None of the above comments can explain a screeching sound coming fro a non running car when the brake pedal is pushed. Are you sure the noise is coming from YOUR car? Is the noise repeatable?

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But the brake pad is too stiff and I can’t shift the gear from parking either.

just a thought…
your brake pedal is stiff because the vehicle is not running.
II am guessing the squeak is coming from inside the car when you press the brake pedal. I would check the brake light switch located behind the upper part of the brake pedal arm. it could be defective and causing a squeak when pressing down on the brake pedal
If your brake light switch has failed, some symptoms can include: your gearshift lever gets stuck, your cruise control won’t cancel, your engine won’t crank, and of course, your brake lights won’t work or could get stuck on causing a battery drain.


I saw low oil pressure warning after few seconds of trying to turn the engine on,

that is because your engine did not start. it did not have time to build oil pressure.


The light says “check charging system”. Possible the battery is dead?

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Follow the screen’s advice and visit a well recommended pro shop & have the charging system checked for proper operation. At the same time tell the shop tech about the stiff brake pedal problem, they might be able to identify the cause.

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Thank you all and you are right it’s the battery. Since I couldn’t drive the car, I called AAA and they jump started it also the battery got badly corroded on top and they recommended new battery. I went with the AAA new battery for 168$ with 3 year full warranty and 3 years partial warranty. All set now.