2016 Subaru Legacy - What issues?

Looking into purchasing this car (hopefully premium). What are some issues with the car that I should be aware of?

You will get the same answer as the many other people who ask about a used vehicle. You pay a mechanic of your choice to look at it and that will give you a decent chance of not wasting your money . All vehicles don’t all have the same problems.

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Aside from the usual things a mechanic can help you uncover, there are some considerations. Subaru didn’t want to help owners with a transmission design glitch, so a class action suit was filed, and settled by Subaru who now supports the CVT via an extended warranty program. However, it was done just prior to the 2016 Model year. Subaru vehicles with the 2.5-liter engine also frequently report higher than usual oil consumption. Earlier Outbacks were covered under a separate class action settlement, but just up to 2015. So the 2016 model year is not protected in this manner. Last, Outbacks prior to 2018 do not have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. A feature many owners enjoy.

The owners manual won’t actually state this.



I wonder, with all these issues ( some, like the head gasket issue, going on for years) why anyone still buys Subarus? John, I believe you even have one. What’s the attraction?

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What a great question! I’ve had four Subarus now and I have a '16 Forester. I have to say, I love the off-road and all-road capability. The Subaru style appeals to me. I’m kind of a safety geek too, because my kids drive my cars. And in '16 when I bought mine, it was one of the few under-$30K crossovers with automatic emergency braking and Nav I could find. I love it, but it worries me. I won’t be keeping it out of the drivetrain warranty. Sadly.