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2016 stubborn malibu

Help lol I have a 2016 Chevy malibu and the engine light is on and the code its throwing says o2 sensor but its driving fine no issues no smoking no nothing. Other than light being on you wouldn’t know it had an issues.someone told me the flap on the top of filler tank where you put gas in since the flap is missing it could be the issue? Is this true and of so how do I fix this problem. Thanks so much

The computer relies on the oxygen sensor input to fine tune the fuel injection for proper tail pipe emissions. The computer closely monitors the oxygen sensor output for irregular values, if a problem is detected a fault will be set and the check engine light will illuminate.

Your car never had a flap in the fuel fill neck, that is found on older cars and would have no affect on the oxygen sensor.

So then most likely it’s the sensors not the flap where I put gas in then. Is the o2 sensors an easy fix or will it need to be put on shop and how expensive is a shop estimated

The code should tell you which oxygen sensor and how easy it is to change depends on where it is located on your car. They make special deep oxygen sensor sockets but I have never used one. Since I will not be reusing the sensor, I just cut the wires off the old one and after I chase the threads with my spark plug chaser, putting the new one in with an open end wrench is easy.

NO, There is no code that says “Bad O2 Sensor”

The code it’s throwing is telling you that the o2 sensor has detected a problem.
What is the actual code(s) P0000?

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It shows 2 codes. P015B and P305F

First you’re going to have to take care of the P305F

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Omg this should be fun. Looks complicated and like Chinese to me.looks like headed to dealership or repair shop lol

The p015b code is saying the pre-cat o2 sensor’s output signal is taking longer than expected to respond to a lean to rich transition. Figure out where that O2 sensor is located (it will be between the exhaust manifold and the cat), and carefully inspect the wiring harness and connector for corrosion, burned insulation etc. If nothing found you’ll have to go to a shop where they’ll use a scanner to monitor the output signals as they bump the accelerator. I’d do both those first before considering to replace the O2 sensor. Unless there’s some reason to believe the O2 sensor is faulty of course. O2 sensors are usually pretty robust. One problem that can cause this is if some contaminant like oil gets on them, outside the exhaust stream. So take a look for that while you’ll checking the wiring. O2 sensors must have a small opening from inside the exhaust to outside the exhaust for them to work correctly.

Ok AWESOME thank you. No the car isn’t acting up or funny or anything that’s why was so confused then someone tried to tell me the little flap at the top of gas thing where you put gas in at is completely gone and someone told me that would make these codes pop up so I was confused. Thanks so much for your help