2016 Porsche Cayman - dealer or independent service?

Service at dealer or independent

Can of worms question.
I am fortunate to have an honest dealership service department with prices competitive with independent shops. I use them for nearly everything.
Some other dealerships will constantly recommend unneeded services at high cost.
With a Porsche I would go with a dealership unless you can find an independent with extensive experience with them.

You may very well get responses that say always use an independent.

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Almost impossible to answer . At least I think that was question but there is not a question mark in your post. Without knowing if this independent is well versed about Porsche which is an expensive vehicle you might not get the service you need . The dealer will keep records that might be needed in the future for a problem . I do know that I would not take our Volvo to a Quick change type oil place so I certainly would not take a Porsche.

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