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2016 Nissan Rogue - To tow or not to tow

I will be towing a trailer (small Uhaul about 1000 lbs.) from VA to TX in June with my 2016 Nissan Rouge. Have never hauled a trailer before. What do I need to know, beside checking all the fluids before heading out?

Well first off, if the trailer weighs 1000 lbs all by itself you cannot put anything IN it and still tow it. The Rogue is only rated to tow 1000 lbs, total. The tow rating is the entire weight of the trailer and the load it carries. The only trailer you can pull with this vehicle is one of those knock-down kits from Harbor Freight or WalMart and then only with about 600 lbs of stuff. There is NO U-Haul that is light enough for you to tow with a load IN the trailer.

Second, you have a CVT transmission that needs regular fluid changes unlike most automatic transmissions. If you make this tow, have the fluid changed shortly after you get to TX. Make the next engine oil change shorter in mileage.

Before heading out, make sure everything is road-worthy for a long trip. Tires, fluids and brakes. Any service you need, get it done before you leave.


Just forget the towing. Use one of those container services like ’ PODS ’ . You can load at your own pace and have it brought to your new place when ready. That will also eliminate theft or breakin while you are at a motel.

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