Towing 32 Foot RV


I have a 32’ bumper-hitch type travel trailer. The unloaded weight is 7,820 lb, hitch weight is 787 lb, GVWR is 10,000 lb. Do I need a 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton pickup to pull (and stop!) it? What about a Tahoe or Expedition? Thankx!


Check out Chevrolet’s trailering guide at where you will see that the Tahoe can’t tow 10,000 lbs. However, the Silverado can. Also, the V8 Toyota Tundra with the towing package can pull 10,000 lbs. Just go to the manufacturers’ web sites, look at each individual model, and check the towing capacity under the specifications and capacities.


If you are going to tow this thing on a regular bases, then I would look for a truck that exceeds the minumum of 10,000 lbs. A one ton diesel of your liking from Dodge, Chevy, or Ford.


Jeremy has a good suggestion. Forgive the simplicity in my saying, you ain’t gonna’ pull that with no bumper hitch. You’ll need a class IV receiver on whatever rig you get. For a setup with a DRY weight of almost 8000 lbs, I’d go 3/4 ton, just to give you some buffer. A lot of 1/2 ton trucks are advertising a 10,000 pound tow rating, but once you get your trailer loaded with another 1000 pounds of gear, and possibly a full fresh or gray/black water tank, you’re butting right up against the max rating of the most capable half-ton.


If you are buying a new vehicle, the Tahoe and Expedition have heavy duty towing options, giving them about the capacity of a 3/4 ton truck. Agree that the highest class hitch is needed. The AAA has a good pamphlet on trailering. And don’t forget the transmission oil cooler if your vehicle does not already have one. The last trailer towing equipped vehicle I bought was a Chev Caprice with the towing package, which consisted of HD radiator,built-n HD transmission cooler, springs & shocks, heavy wiring harnass and a 3.23 rear axle (standard was 2.41). This had a capacity of 8000lbs, I believe. The engine was the standard 305 V8, but the performance axle made all the difference. If you go to a pickup, a “heavy half” with trailering option, should do OK. It has all the stuff needed, and it can easily accommodate a load distribution hitch.

Good Luck!


agreed. A new Super duty F-350 dually diesel has a gvwr of 13,000 lbs, the v-10 has 12,600 for gvwr, but will likely cost you a lot more at the pump. The single wheeled axle 5.4L v-8 gives you 10,600, 6.8L v-10 has 10,800 and diesel gives you 11,600lbs.


Dang! I just lost my post. Here’s a shorter version.

You won’t be able to pull that trailer with a Tahoe. I know because I own one and pull nothing bigger than my 21 footer.

Wheelbase and the proper wdh plays a huge roll in selection.


Please read this very informational link before you buy. I think you’ll soon see why.

For excellent info on towing Travel Trailers and 5th wheelers check this one out:
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You want a 1-ton truck with dual rear wheels. That makes ALL the difference. Nice and stable, no swing and sway…


Another vehicle to consider is the full-size Pathfinder Armada. It has a 10,000lb towing capacity. Very heavy duty vehicle. And IMHO…far more reliable then the Tahoe or Expedition.