2016 Nissan Frontier - Water spots

I started to notice a lot of water coming out of the muffler’s weeping hole, I mean, not just a few drops here and there but enough to leave a big mark underneath and it is usually when I start the truck. I run it idle in the parking lot and I could see it coming out. This seems to happen regardless of the temperature outside or if I used or not my AC.

Let me say I am not a mechanic but since nobody else has replied I’ll make a few guesses. First I’m going to assume the humidity hasn’t been higher than normal where you live. Excess water coming from the tailpipe is sometimes an indication of internal engine problems, a bad head gasket or piston. Have your truck looked at by someone who knows what he’s doing and have your wallet handy.

H2O is a natural byproduct of burning gasoline. Not long from now we will be restricted from fossil fuels, you will not be allowed to waste fuel while running your engine only to observe the drip from the muffler.