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2016 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class - Smells like Cracker Jacks

The exhaust piple smells like burnt carmel or peanut oil:/ I don’t notice it while I’m driving but it’s overwhelming when I open the hatchback. Car is 3 years ol, 13,000 miles and I’ve only had it 2 months. It’s at dealership now and they think “an animal put something in the tailpipe”. The car is stored in garage overnight so I don’t know how an animal would have access to do this sort of mischief. Any thoughts out there?!

UPDATE: Dealership took exhaust off the car and there was DOG FOOD in the tail pipe!! The mechanic said the chicken in the dog food “cooks” and causes the smell. They think a mouse or something put the dog food in there. Utterly bizarre.

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You hit road kill and splattered guts on the exhaust pipe…

Something crawled up the exhaust pipe and is being roasted away…

2 ways that can happen. A garage is basically an open door to rodents.

Thank you for your response and you were close! Something crawled up there and left dog food of all things. So strange. Thanks again for your reply.

Not too related but a buds boat would not start, barn swallows had built a nest in the exhaust. Thanks for your story.

Definitely take care of the rodent problem in your garage. You do not want them deciding to store food, or live, elsewhere in your car. If they get into the interior you’re gonna have a stink that can linger for, literally, years.

One thing to check is the weather strip on the bottom of your garage door. Mice will chew through the normal ones to get inside, especially when it’s cold and they’re looking for a place to be warm. They make “rodent-proof” seals which are not ordinarily installed on doors by default. They tend to work pretty well for keeping critters out.

It’s amazing how much damage such little animals can cause! I’ve never heard of animals doing this kind of thing until now. I asked the mechanic about it and he said they had a car last month with about 60 (!) acorns in the tail pipe!

Good idea, thank you!