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2016 Mazda CX-5 transmission fluid change

I have a 2016 CX-5 with the 2.5 Skyactiv engine and auto transmission. It has 39,500 miles on it and I was planning to have the 40k scheduled maintanence done but I was wanting to add the transmission fluid exchange done. However I was scheduling for it online and there are no transmission fluid changes on the maintanence schedule anywhere in the manual and/or online. If I want the service to be done and it’s not in the manual, will the dealer do it for me nevertheless? I’m just wondering. Thanks.

The dealer may argue that the transmission is “sealed” and never requires a fluid change. Even “sealed” components, aren’t actually sealed. The dealer wouldn’t change the entire transmission for a rear seal leak would they? And they still have to add fluid after that seal change, right?

Or they may say, sure, we can do that, it costs $XXX.00. Call them on the telephone and ask a real person instead on doing everything through an app or online.

I think the only person who can answer if the dealer will do it is the dealer.

I just looked in the maintenance schedule

There is absolutely no mention of servicing the atf, not even if you look under severe service, not even if you look under mexico severe service

That said, the owner’s manual does say it takes 8.2 quarts of “mazda genuine atf fz”

If you click on that, you’ll see a Beck & Arnley filter and gasket . . . so anybody saying the transmission is sealed is a liar

By the way, that rockauto picture also references some mazda part numbers, presumably for the gasket and filter

From the horses mouth.