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2016 Mazda CX-5 AC problem

When I run the a/c sometimes hot air will eventually start coming our of the driver’s side vents (both) while the passenger side vents run at the normal cool temp. Sometimes it will “fix itself” and cool air will return to the driver’s side vents. It is intermittent, some days it doesn’t happen. My dealer can’t figure it out.

Automatic climate control?

Dual zone?

Dual zone - yes (locked so both sides have same temp)

Auto climate control - set at 68 degrees

Unless you have racked-up too many miles, your 3-year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty should still be in effect, and should cover ANY defect that was not caused by a vehicular accident, or by owner abuse. If the dealership to which you are currently bringing the car is not willing to deal with this problem, then I would suggest going to a different Mazda dealership.


Might be a problem with the driver’s side blend door actuator

Hi -

Sorry I wasn’t very clear with my original post…because it’s intermittent, for the time the dealer had it they couldn’t replicate the problem, thus, couldn’t figure it out.

It seems to be happening more regularly now, so we’ll try to stop by the dealer during the week when it’s blowing the warm air.

Thanks for your reply.


That’s what I read on a Google search initially…thanks for the suggestion.