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2016 Lexus ES 300h - Whines

Toyota has my respect for achieving the optimal combination of value and quality.

I bought a used ES-300h Lexus hybrid from the Lexus dealer in July 2019. It has been perfect except for a whining noise between 5 and 15 miles/hour, peaking at 10 miles/hour. It makes the same noise in forward or reverse (which eliminates the CV transmission ?), running on engine or battery. I have 2 friends owning the same car, one older and one newer and neither have this whine.

I took a test drive in a new ES-300h and no whine. I took the car into the service department at the same dealer where I bought the car. After a long delay, the service manager took me for a test drive in an ES-300h with the same vintage as mine, and it had the same whine. Shame on me for suspecting the long delay was spent in finding a whining car, since the service manager is very busy.

The noise itself does not bother me, but anyone knows that moving parts should not whine. I worry that there will be an expensive repair in the future when the warrany has expired.

Can you please tell me what is causing the whine ?

Low or high pitched? Low is probably the traction motor - normal. High is probably the inverter - also normal. Some people hear it better than others.

Variable pitch is probably a grumpy kid in the back seat. :wink:

No, every moving part makes some noise. Every one.

Car makers work hard to cover that noise up with insulation and rubber bits because it bothers owners. Sometimes owners are more sensitive. Sometimes those parts make a little more noise than they should. And sometimes those parts make more noise because they are failing.

If the latter is the case, you will eventually find the problem.

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I am always amazed when somebody posts a purely personal opinion that has no basis in fact, and chooses to include the words “everyone knows” or “anyone knows”.

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Although you do not mention warranty in any way, if there is a warranty involved (and even if there is none) then carefully save any paperwork you might have about this together with a diary of sorts with the date and nature of every time you dealt with this dealer or any mechanic about the whine, and note the name of the dealership and service manager. You can even make a video with sound that records the whine. Save all that so you have a solid record. If things go bad and you have to start getting assertive about it, you have evidence.

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2016, so your 4-year 50k warranty will run out soon.
Just sit tight, day after the warranty ends, your $tealer will figure out what the problem is, and will gladly fix it for only $2,653.28 (plus tax and tags)

Keep records of problem, work orders, and any discussions.