2016 Kia Soul - Sudden acceleration

Sudden unexpected acceleration on a corner. I was a right hand corner turn off one street on to another, was not driving quickly and right on the turn this recently purchased used 2016 Kia soul sped up uncontrollably without me giving it any gas. This unexpected high acceleration lasted seconds and then returned to normal. I didnt have far to go so slowly drove the 5 blocks home. Terrifying experience.


What do you plan to do about it?

I’d suggest you might want to check your floor mats to make sure they are not caught up on the accelerator pedal. I’d also suggest you visit the Kia dealer and let them check out your car for malfunctions as soon as absolutely possible.




I wonder if this kind of thing happens because of a problem with the cruise control system… and if the cruise control is turned off, no such problem. First thing to do is make sure it is off.

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Cruise control was turned on

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Good question and I apologize for my first response, cruise control was NOT turned on.

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Keep in mind there are two stages of cruise control activation: there is the main On/Off switch; and once On, there is a Set switch and a Cancel switch. (Terms may vary among carmakers.) If the main On/Off switch is On, the system might activate, even if you have pushed the Cancel button. The only safe option is to make sure the system is Off, not just Canceled.

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As far as what to do first, if I had that problem first thing I’d do is remove the floor mats, or anything else loose in the floor area or under the seats, see if that helped. While looking in that area, get a flashlight and inspect the accel pedal area, looking for something amiss, broken parts, disconnected widgets, etc.

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Thankyou Carolyn. I did check the mats and no, they weren’t interfering with the gas pedal. Thankyou all for your suggestions. I will post the results from the dealership