2016 Kia Soul smells like cat urine

Why does my car have a cat pee odor?
I have a dog, but she isn’t left alone in the car. I have read that it could be bacteria.

Check your cabin filter for a mouse nest. Wear gloves and a face mask. Here’s my experience with my 2013 Equinox.

I have not had any further problems since I cleaned out the nest in 2014.

Ed B.

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People often mistake hamster pee odor for cat pee odor. Unfortunately, those fun-loving adorable hamsters that test drove your vehicle prior to its delivery are known not just for a propensity for exercise wheels, but also for bladder control issues.

I guess that explains it.

Was that the only question?
(Just asking because some folks are interested in mitigating the smell once the hamsters are out of there. Others, not so much… they tend to enjoy the theft-deterrent nature of it.)

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Dang! You beat me to it.