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2016 Kia Soul - Engine cuts out

Several times while driving and turning either direction the engine cuts out for about 6 seconds,. I’m going to get hit one of these days.

The company I bought it from said it is the hazard feature kicking in…wtf? So when I turn it off, it stalls less, but doesn’t prevent it completely. I get so mad I floor the gas every time then wait for the engine to roar back to life.

I have never brought it t to the Kia dealer yet.

Why not, this is a dangerous problem . What if it quits while you are turning in front of an 80000 lb semi truck.
What kind of company did you purchase this from because I can’t even imagine someone making that ’ Hazard statement '.


Sounds like the traction control is activating due to wheel spin, the throttle is disabled for a moment to regain control, perhaps with gentle acceleration that wouldn’t happen.

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It’s your driving style that’s causing the problem, the car is trying to protect itself and you from damage

Agree with Nevada_545

Any time the Electronic Stability Control senses wheel spin or excessive leaning of the car, it disables the throttle to prevent engine damage or vehicle roll over, and possibly applies brakes.

There should be a button on the dash somewhere to de-activate the ESC, you will have to de-activate it every time you start the car.

Should be a picture of a car with 2 s shaped lines under it on the button.

When this happens, are you driving fast and turning sharply? Is the road wet or loose?

If you do not have to re start the engine with the key then the above comments are right on. The vehicle stability system is anticipating a slide or roll over and kills power to force you to slow down. The engine continues to run but is powered down.

You may be driving way to fast or on wet/gravel roads. Or the wheel sensors are in need of repair. Head on over to your Kia dealer for a look. This may still be under warranty, check your owners manual.