2016 Kia Sorento - Differential failed

My wife while driving the KIA heard a load noise and felt the vehicle loose power, the next day I took it for a test run, every thing felt OK until I pulled into the drive way and got out of the KIA, I smelled oil, looked under the KIA and there was a big gaping 3in x 1in hole on the rear differential. KIA says there is no history of problems but the internet is shows there is.

I would imagine that should be covered under the 10 year powertrain warranty, if this was not caused by running over something.

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The only thing I see is a tsb for the 4wd coupling ass’y. Number TRA 086, Nov 2019. Try Googling that number, you may be able to read it online. Otherwise on your next visit to your dealership, ask for a copy. Note that the existence of a tsb does not necessarily indicate there’s a design problem with the component.

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Could be road debris, etc. Pic?

Warranty is time or miles. Might be done.

The 10 year warranty would only apply if the OP bought it new, otherwise 5yr./60k.