2016 Kia Sorento - Turbo trouble

i bought my kia Sorento in because of power loss. they said at my local dealer we had a bad turbo and that they wouldn’t cover it under warantee. I then took it to another kia dealer theve had the car 10 days and they said the urbo would be covered under warantee but that the engine is blown and would not be covered??? does any of this make sense

Just a thought. A bad Turbo would give you loss of power. as far as having a blown motor too. it is possible but you would think the first dealer would have mentioned it.
why not get the turbo replaced under the warranty if they will do it. and then see how it drives. Or you can try your luck at a 3rd dealer.
On a side note, here is something else that is under a recall that can cause loss of power.

RCONL-15V089-0516.pdf (nhtsa.gov)

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Thank you for responding. does car facts, kia or any other reporting service track my problems and if I go toa third dealer will it show up that at i have already been to two other dealers and that I have previous comunication with Kia
Joel Leibowitz

Just tell them you got two different failures from two different Kia dealers and you are just trying to find the correct answers/results from your complaint/diagnostic…

No different then going to the ER and having one Dr tell you that you just have heart burn and the other Dr told you that you had a heart attack… You do not want to have open heart surgery for something that a few Tums would cure, or die because the Tums didn’t work…

A Kia dealership should be able to provide that info. Go at a time they aren’t busy. You might also give this link a try.

Beyond that, if you tell us what tests did they do to come to the conclusion the engine is blown, you might get further ideas here. What were the oil & filter change intervals the past 7 years, and was the manufacturer’s specified oil always used?

The repair order information from each service visit will be submitted to the manufacture and available for review by any Kia dealer.

Are you the original owner and how many miles are in the odometer? The Kia power train warranty is 120 months or 100,000 miles for the original owner but is 60 months or 60,000 for subsequent owners. That means the extended power train warranty is only for the original owner. Here’s the warranty book in case you don’t have it.

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I think that many people who buy used Kias/Hyundais overlook that important detail.

I’d hate to replace turbo and find out motor is shot.


Why not just run a dry/wet compression test and or a leak down test to confirm bad engine or not?? If the oil pressure is good and no internal noise…

Ask the dealer that said it was a bad engine to give you the details/results that showed it was a bad engine that required replacing…


No, you left out all the important details.

What was the nature of the engine failure? Why was the warranty denied, lack of proper maintenance? The service advisors would have explained this but the technical talk might be difficult to remember.

This vehicle is equipped with the “Theta II” engine, known for crankshaft and connecting rod failure. There has been class action lawsuits and warranty extensions because of the failing engines, you need to understand why the warranty was denied.

When the computer detects a connecting rod knock, fault P1326 is set, and the computer puts the engine in limp mode (reduced power).

Below is a service bulletin containing information about the engine failures.

Kia Global Information System - TSB (nhtsa.gov)