2016 Kia Sedona - CEL

I have a check engine light for the temperature sending unit !!
Replaced it with new still have the problem and my temp gauge in the mini van is not working as well stays stuck on C for cold but the cooling fans run constant !!
Not over heating but in my state if you have a check engine light you can’t get a new state inspection sticker mine is due this month 10/31/21 !!
Please help any thing that gets it solved need my van on oxygen and have many health problems !!
Oh and it has less than 35,000 miles owned it since new never a problem dealer service every 3 to 5 thousand for oil and basic maintenance faithfully help me please

it could be a stuck relay keeping fans on.
How to Test a 3, 4 or 5 Pin Relay - With or Without a Diagram - YouTube

also did you bleed air out of system?

you could always bring it to a repair shop and have them fix it and also give you the inspection sticker.

I suspect the fault code was for an “open circuit” in the coolant temperature sensor circuit, this would cause the computer to turn on the cooling fans by default. Inspect for broken/damaged wiring.

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