2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee - First a smell, now noise - What's up?

After a visit to a mechanic to check for a dead rodent smell coming through my air vents, I have noticed an noticeable increase of road noise in the once quiet passenger compartment. What is going on? Thanks!

What brand of tires do you have? Badyear?

I’m guessing road noise not due to engine or transmission or wheels/tires, provided rodent-odor-work didn’t involve any of those areas. Ask the shop what area’s they worked on to rid the rodent odor. That should provide a clue for the folks here to make some guesses. The shop may have forgot to re-install sound-proofing, a gasket has become mis-adjusted, etc. Was any carpeting removed, then re-installed?

If they were looking for a smell make sure they didnt remove the cabin filter and leave it out . On these models if they arent in recirc mode there is a cover that is open to the engine compartment and if the filter is missing it could make it noticeably louder I would think . You could check it yourself , the filter is behind the glovebox and the instructions to get at it are in the owners manual .