2016 Infiniti QX50 #- Too soon for brakes?

at state inspection on 5-20-20 i needed rear brakes.they had 1/32 lining.the front had 7/32 original factory never changed.the car has 21000 miles on it.i thought the front brakes do most of the braking 2 to 1.the rotors also were cut.now when i go down a hill it is obvious the rear brakes are doing all the braking.is there an adjustment that can be done on them? i haven’t called the dealer about it yet.

You can’t adjust brake pads and rotors . . .

Are you talking about some kind of software calibration . . . ?!

By the way, many cars are set up nowadays so that the rear brakes do far more work than in years past

It’s quite common for customers to need rear brake pads first

Part of it is so that the car doesn’t nose-dive when applying the brakes, which is often exactly what happened in the past


Dave is guessing again .


ABS allows the brake bias to be applied to the rear brakes first, so you can still steer when you slam on the brakes.

So it depends on how the ABS system is set up.



Hot rodders have used adjustable proportioning valves for years to get proper bias when building cars. I have no idea how you would plumb them with dual diagonal AHS brakes and since your car is not modified the engineers probably chose the best setup for your car anyway. I have done two rear brake jobs on my Camry and one front one so far. Our winter road salt really eats up brakes.

I stand corrected. I forgot we were talking about a vehicle with 4 wheel disks. Looks like the OP is out of luck.

Since 2005 all vehicles we’ve owned were 4-disc brakes. Prior to that they were disc up front and shoes in rear. And on all of the 4-disc brake systems - the rear calipers and pads were significantly smaller then the fronts. I replaced the pads on my Highlander last summer. All 4 were worn about about the same.

With shoes in the rear…it was easily 2:1 ratio of pad replacement vs shoe replacement.

If you do a lot of stop and go driving, then you will need brakes quicker than doing all highway driving. I have 39,000 miles on my car and have not replaced brake pads yet. I do mostly highway commuting.