2016 Infiniti Q50 - Engine question

Is the I4 engine in an Infinity 2016 Q50 a dependable and good engine? The car has 55,000km.

Most any car with only 55k km is going to be reliable. It hasn’t generally been ignored enough to hurt things. Especially if the car is off-lease… BUT have it inspected by YOUR mechanic, not the dealer selling it, yours. Pay them for the inspection. Best insurance you can buy.

Your question is valid. That 2.0T was new in that model year. I’m never a fan of cars with the first year of a new engine or trans, but maybe it will be OK. Too soon to tell.

The Consumer Reports survey rates it Below Average in Engine, Major reliability.

… or maybe not…

In Consumer Reports’ latest reliability ratings, the 2016 Q50 is listed as “worse than average” in regard to “major engine problems”, and it is also listed as “much worse than average” in regard to both its HVAC system and the “in-car electronics”.

Overall, for that model year it is rated as worse than average for reliability.

Thanks Goreham:

I like the Q50 and like the concept of a more efficient motor.