2016 Hyundai Elantra - bad blind spot

Blind spot on passenger side. I am having the same experience. I have been driving for 50 years.I have had my 3rd scrape (contact with another vehicle) due to not seeing a car on the right side behind, while changing lanes. I have also had several honkings for near misses.
I ALWAYS turn and look first, then use mirrors for backup. There is something wrong with this car.

my daughter had that vehicle. I drove it on many occasions and never had that problem. you might not have your mirrors adjusted properly. set to far in. no offence but maybe you should get one of those back-up beepers like big trucks have for backing up. do you use the turning assit in the mirrors that light up and beep when there is a car to close to you? it might be turned off. same with the back-up warning. check that it is turned on.

How To Adjust Your Car Mirrors To Eliminate Blind Spots SAE - YouTube


I find that to be many peoples problem especially when backing up it seems most people don’t know how to adjust there mirrors properly.


That is not the cars fault . Put some bind spot mirrors on your outside mirrors . They are just little round mirrors that any parts store will have and I also agree you do not have your mirrors set correctly.


I added several ‘little round mirrors’. Put one outside and one on the interior rear view mirror over a year ago. STILL have the problem.

Then you still do not have them adjusted right check out the link weekend-warrior posted the only real blind spot you should have is the space directly behind you that you can not see without a back up camera.

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Poor visibility is an epidemic in modern cars. Some are better, like the Forester. All you can do is follow the suggestions above, or buy a different car.


Many cars have blind spots and that has been true for many, many decades. Ever drive a 1971 Mach One or a mid 60s Corvette Roadster?
Ever wonder why in the 40s and 50s some truck manufacturers built 5 window and Cameo window pickups? Just for that reason.

The only vehicles I’ve owned with hardly a blind spot at all are my Lincoln Mark VIIIs. And for some odd reason they are said to have bad blind spots. Not. It’s near impossible to even see the C pillars from any angle.

After 3 scrapes I think you need to revamp your driving habits a bit by conditioning yourself to leave a lot more room before merging. If not, a fatal accident or lethal road rage incident might be in your future.
The only other alternative is revamping the car…


I wonder if the OP might need a eye exam he may have problems that he don’t know about.

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some advice for TheNo1Trick.
when parking try to find a parking spot that you can pull straight out off. or back into a parking spot. this way you wont have to worry about the blind spot in a parking lot.

Thanks to all for tips and advice.
I have been driving for over 50 years, at least 1.5 m Miles, I do know how to adjust my mirrors, thank you.
I do NOT have these “incidents” in other cars. I did Not experience this in a 2017 Hyundai Elantra as it had the blind spot 'Mirror Indicators".
I have decided to do what I must to get back into a 2017 Elantra (with the mirror lights) as I really like the car style , mileage etc…

Wide angle rear view mirror.


My wife has a 2019 Elantra in the “limited” trim. That trim has standard blind spot warning, backup camera, emergency braking, and other contemporary safety assists. Maybe time to trade up?

The SAE method is the one I’ve used for a couple decades, and it works on every car I drive. Over that time period I’ve had many rentals on business trips, and it always works.

If you haven’t tried the SAE method, try it. No matter how many miles you’ve driven, it’s always possible to learn something new.

An old saying comes to mind:
Only a poor workman blames his tools.

I submit–as did many other forum members–that the problem lies with the driver, not with the car.