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2016 Honda Odyssey Elite making sloshing noises in front of vehicle

My 2016 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite has been making liquid sloshing noises as of late. The noises seem to originate from the front of the vehicle, and there is no apparent cause or trigger for the noise; it just happens. If anyone could help me identify the source, it would be greatly appreciated!

Could be low coolant, with air in place of some coolant. Do you hear the sloshing in the interior of the car coming from the low center of the dashboard?

Is your vehicle still under warranty? With the engine cold, take off the radiator cap. Is coolant right up to the neck? Is the overflow tank partway filled?

Why would be low coolant in a car so new? Maybe there’s a leak. Maybe someone drained it and didn’t put enough back in, or didn’t burp the air pockets out of the system before capping it.

Honda warranty is 3 years or 36000 miles so use it . Seriously. if you are not mechanically inclined why are you not having someone look at this vehicle. You paid a lot of money for it and should not take a chance on doing damage that might not be covered by the warranty.

It’s the summer time, drains from the A/C condenser could be partially clogged too…same with drains from the sunroof (if equipped). I think @VOLVO_V70 has good advice for you, particularly if you’re still under warranty

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The warranty just expired a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve got to take the car to the shop for an oil change soon anyways, so I’ll make sure to ask them to have a look. Thank you for your advice!

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Since the warranty is gone, a good independent can check all of those drains just as well as the dealership can, and typically they’re far cheaper too

Okay, I’ll look into that!