2016 Honda CR-V low pressure light

Every time I take my CR-V in for dealer service the low tire pressure light comes on (and won’t go off until I inflate the tires). Usually it is about 6 months (and cold weather) that makes the light go on. Why should dealer service cause the light to go on? Do I need to switch service provider? Or is this car supersensitive to tire pressure?

Is the tire pressure actually low? And I mean you measured the tire pressure, found it several psi lower than the specified level and had to add air to get them up to the recommended level. If checking the tire pressure is part of the dealer service, then, your dealer is missing something.

On our '14, there is a “recalibrate” button and a corresponding procedure in the owners manual that is to be done after a rotation. It’s been a long time since I’ve needed to do this since our mechanics have done this after the rotation.

I don’t know what you mean by 6 months. If you’re never checking fluids and tire pressures between service appointments, you’re not doing your part. You really need to check these on some frequency, say, monthly, and more frequently if you’re having to add air or fluids commonly.