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2016 Honda CR-V - Fumes?

Help! (I don’t know if I need car help or husband help, but I’ll take whatever I can get!). My husband’s CRV has an odd, chemical smell that makes me nauseated. It has progressively worsened over the past few years. He and our children do not notice this smell. I’ve tried to get him to put in an air freshener or get the car detailed, but as he doesn’t smell the smell and thinks I’m crazy, he hasn’t done anything. So - am I crazy or is there some type of chemical that I may be reacting to? Thanks in advance!

Absolutely impossible to answer that question over the internet.

You don’t seem crazy but who knows? Cars out-gas chemicals. some people are sensitive to those chemicals. Some are not. You might be one who is. If that’s the case, an air freshener won’t fix it nor will detailing. You just need to avoid the car altogether. Sorry

This problem reminds me of a situation at my workplace, many years ago. Some toxic chemicals were spilled, and our nurse summoned the custodial staff. Instead of trying to remediate the source of the noxious fumes, the janitor chose to spray air freshener, thus introducing more chemicals into the air.

Our nurse was a small woman, but I think that she was very close to picking up that janitor and tossing him out the door because of his inability to comprehend the nature of the problem.

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See if you didn’t leave an unopened bottle of touch-up paint in the glove compartment.Hot weather will make it burst and the paint will leak out.It happened to me recently and the smell was horrible
If not,check your cabin air filter.