2016 Honda CR-V - Dried concrete



I have dried concrete on 2 tires and in the tire wells.
How do I remove the concrete?
Thank you.
Rita Dower


Home improvement centers sell concrete dissolvers.



Before putting any chemicals on the tires or near the paint work I would suggest a detail shop first. But it seems like a stiff brush and vehicle soap and water would take care of this.
Of course it would help to know how this happened and just how thick it is on the tires.


how bad is it? Pictures? If its bad I would replace the plastic on the tire wells, very cheap $45 a piece. However tires I would either drive them until it falls off, or break it off by hand if possible. replacement may be necessary if your ride is rough or you cant get it off. I wouldn’t put anything super strong on those tires because it may weaken the integrity. Have you tried going through an automatic car wash?