2016 Honda CR-V - alternator lifespan

wondering how long an alternator should las on a Honda CRV 2016, I had to have CRV jumped several times for not starting- without any obvious reason. At 45,713 miles was told needed new alternator. This seems Wrong!

In general an alternator should last 7 years or about 100k miles but sometimes they wear out sooner. My 09 Corolla has 118k and it’s on its third alternator that I know of. One failed in just a year and a half.

Results will vary. My 06, 120,000 miles still on original, have 13 truck that had to be replaced at fours around 50,000 miles.


That’s just one of the risks you run getting jump started, be glad that’s all that went out.

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There needs to be a lot more info provided to determine exactly what is going on with your car. As per the norm, I don’t expect this will happen.

It could well be that any alternator failure was caused by repeated jumps. If the battery was run down, the car was jumped and started, the jumper cables disconnected, then the alternator could have failed because it was trying to charge a dead battery.

Another one of those missing bits of info is whether or not the battery has been replaced at some point. As for not starting without any obvious reason; there is always a pretty clear reason. I’m assuming, right or wrong, the engine would crank without starting and the battery was run down from repeated efforts.

The first thing you do is consider the battery

If this is still the original, it’s probably on its last legs

The battery is the foundation of the car’s electrical system

If it’s no good or questionable, all bets are off

Translation . . . if the battery’s not in good shape, the alternator can’t be expected to function properly

You certainly drive enough to keep the battery charged

You or the kids aren’t possibly playing around and leaving dome lights on? My brother’s family is notorious for this. It happens

I don’t know how hot it’s been in your area, but heat will kill a battery that was on its last legs