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Alternator problem on 2005 CR-V

Three weeks ago I was sitting in a parking light with my car running when all of the lights on my dash suddenly lit up. I turned the car off and tried to turn it back on, but could not get the engine to turn over. As I was doing this, my dome light started flashing. I called for a jump and was toke it was most likely the alternator and I should set a tow. I get my car to the Honda dealership, they told me the battery was dead and they would have to place it before they could test the alternator. Several hours later I’m told they tested the alternator, and it’s fine. I pay my bill and they send me on my way. Now, three weeks later, I’m driving down the road and my alternator light comes on again. Trying to make my way to a parking lot, several more lights come on and all of my gauges stop working, have trouble with gas regulation. This timenhonda tells me the alternator is gone. This is the original alternator.

Two questions: could they really have tested it and it been fine just three weeks ago? Also, is my new battery now shot?

Thanks for your help. I want to have them credit me at least the service fee as I think they should have been able to tell the alternator was going out three weeks ago.


If the alternator lasted 3 more weeks then it probably passed when it was checked out. I doubt that your new battery was harmed. Look at it this way: If a light bulb is burning in your bathroom then how do you test it in a way that will tell you that it will blow in three weeks? You can’t. I don’t think they owe you the service fee since the alternator was obviously functioning as designed.

Unless your alternator charged way too much, I doubt your new battery is shot.
A battery does lose some of its capacity if it is allowed to go down to zero all the time but one time should be okay.
Just recharge it and it will be fine, after you replace your alternator.