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2016 Honda Civic, Front Windshield Seal failing

I purchased a 2016 Honda Civic, new, in January 2017. Approximately 11 mo. later, the rubber seal that surrounds the front windshield started to fall off in bits.

The shop manager at the dealer ( in PA )said that it had been cold (?) and “someone or something” had hacked at it.

A second dealer (in ME) agreed with the dealer in PA.

The dealers told me that the seal is cosmetic, only. The risk for THEM to repair is that they might crack the windshield.

I feel that it is a poor quality seal and/or a poor design. I have lived in ME, WI, NYC and PA - all cold climates. None of my Toyotas or Hondas failed in these climates or with this driver (I am the only driver/window cleaner for this 16 Civic.)

Anyone else experience this? Any recourse? At this point, I will not repair unless I crack the windshield. It pains me to pay full $ for a brand new car and have a defective windshield seal.


Guessing that you don’t have any leaks, so it’s not a seal, but cosmetic as the dealer said.

But regardless, it is under warrantee and they owe you a fix. If they crack the windshield, they have to replace it. I’d bump it up to Honda regional or national, the number should be in your owner’s manual. Keep all the receipts from the dealers who refused to fix it.

Thanks, Bill,

No leaks and I will contact Honda National.

One issue could be: if the damage was caused by something external, debris hitting the “seal”, a bird pecking at it, etc, then it is not covered by warrantee.

Perhaps it is just a piece of trim, if not a seal?

Perhaps you could post a photo of the damaged section?

So 2 agree but you aren’t accepting this answer? Try a body shop and see what they say. If it is the same, accept the fact and move on.

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