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2016 GMC Canyon - Which oil?

type are grade oil to use

Please proofread next time. If you would look at your Owners Manual it’ll tell you (on page 264) that if you have the 3.6 L V6 to use 5W-30 and if you have the 2.5L L4 engine to use 5W-20

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I believe 5w30 which meets Dexos specifications, if you have the V6, which is very common

The Dexos bit is very important . . . as there are many 5w30 oils out there that do NOT meet the spec

Yes that’s correct, I was typing quickly yesterday and forgot to include that, thanks @db4690!

Who knew?

The “I” symbol means read the manual.

Does the upside down nature of the graphic mean you have to pour the oil when standing on your head? … lol …


It can also be called a 710 cap.


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That’s how I held my iPad. Flip the pic? Too much work. And the valve cover is sitting on floor. Maybe I will turn cap when I put it on motor

I’ll have to check my oil caps now to see if they have the little “i” on them. Oh for the days when things were labeled with words instead of unrecognizable symbols-like washer, wiper, lights, fog lights. I still can’t figure out the little little symbols for the window switch and the lock/unlock symbol. Ah a new business idea-making stick on labels for all these symbols.

I like that idea.

When I picked up my new Forester, I noticed that the three heater/AC controls had an almost invisible marker, so the position was guesswork. three pieces of white tape cut into small triangles solved that. Been there for 4 years now. If they get too dirty or fall off, easy to replace.

The other strange feature is on the dash, there are two stalk type controls sticking out, one on the left, one on the right. Tried to figure out what the one on the right did, finally asked the dealer. Answer: is does nothing.

Reminds me of the Will Smith movie about the alien space ship invasion. He captures an alien ship and tries to fly it, but when he goes to take off to save the world, oops, the ship goes in reverse. Unfazed, he quickly figures out which way the controls are oriented, then jots down a diagram on the dashboard with arrows pointing to “forward”, “reverse”, “right”, and “left” :slight_smile:

Actually will smith had a diagram to start with but the control stick results were opposite of what he expected