2016 Ford Fusion - Failure to Shift From Reverse to Drive

I had my fusion outside in my driveway, planning to go back
out to run errands, my car was parked and the ignition off for
about 20 minutes. I got back in my car started the ignition,
and put it in reverse to exit and be on my way, put it back in
drive and it rolled backwards same in neutral It appeared to
have no “shifting” noise from reverse to neutral to drive.
My car rolled almost off my driveway by itself. In about
10 minutes I turned the car back on put it into drive and it
appeared to be in working order but I was fearful this would
happen again and I called Triple A towing service to have
them come take the car to my local Ford Dealership in
Arundel Maine. I spoke with the service manager and
told him about the problem I was having and asked them
if they could service my car to see if that would help. They
found no problems like I had experienced so then they
serviced lube oil change, etc. and called me to say my
car was ready to pick up. I have not had any more problems since then, but I am not satisfied that my problem
was looked into further. I did not receive a “recall” notice on this issue but saw an article in Consumer reports Aug.
2019 Magazine stating the exact issue I had gone through.
Their Reference # for a so called recall #19516. Should I
be worried this will happen again? Let me know any information you can give me on this issue. 8/08/19