2016 Ford Fusion - Bad review of upgraded lights

I own a 2016 fusion had the HID&LED new lights done and did not change or improve the head lights at all it cost me $200.00

Aftermarket headlights often are no better than stock.


The best info I’ve found about headlights is at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety site.

Were they OEM lights or were they aftermarket? Were they from a reputable brand or some fly by night operation on Ebay or Amazon? You can’t expect much for $200, when you take into consideration that typical aftermarket headlight assemblies for this car run around $350ish a pair and that’s not even OEM.

The problem is that the light output is restricted by law so it doesn’t blind oncoming drivers. LED, HID, carbon-arc-light, whatever method to produce light, the light output restriction remains.

George, doesn’t your car have the original Prest-O-Lite units? (the acetylene ones)

I’m sorry, i’m very bad, i just couldn’t resist.

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I do have to add water to some sort of chemical inside to make them light up … :wink: