2016 Ford Fusion #1681054075 -Trunk noise

Sounds like something is rolling in my trunk

Are you missing any family members??? :rofl:

Need more info here please…

I would look under to see if anything is hanging low or loose… If not then remove everything from the entire trunk and see if the noise goes away… If not then you are looking for loose/broken suspension, exhaust or gas tank… not much back there…

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Agree with above. also look in the area where your spare tire and jack are.
over time things can fall in there and roll around.

I experienced that problem on my Corolla one time. Golf ball fell out of golf bag, rolled into wheel well area. If you believe is is something that’s part of the car, maybe sound is like gasoline sloshing around inside the gas tank, worse when turning corners, stopping. Gasoline tanks have internal baffles to prevent that, but the baffles can fall off.

One upper shock mount has likely gone bad.