2016 Ford F-150 rear brakes locking in cold temps

When the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit or so, my rear brakes lock in the engaged position if I use the parking brake. When I release the parking brake, the pedal seems to come up with the usual spring tension, but the brakes are stuck on. Dealership says they have never heard of this problem, so I don’t want to pay them to try to figure it out.

This is not an unusual problem in freezing weather . Some vehicles do this and some do not. It is just freezing the moisture in the parking brakes or on the cables. There is not really anything you can do except just don’t set the parking brake when you know it going to be that cold.

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I live in upper Michigan and this is very common. Although I realize the importance of parking brakes, I never use them. I drive automatic transmissions and am conscious of parking on hills. If I were driving a newer model car though, I would use them often. Melted road salt does give these cables problems. The stradagy up here is use them. But if you don’t use them never use them. If I’m working on or driving someone elses vehicle, I will never use them, especially if it’s an older car. I don’t want to have to replace someones cable because I locked them up.