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2016 Ford Explorer battery

Drove to destination - 1-1/2 hours later the battery appeared to be dead. Got a jump - went to auto parts store. Had the battery checked - purchased new battery. 48 hours later drove to destination - 2-1/2 hours later battery appeared to be dead. Attached one segment to battery and lights immediately came on. Parked Explorer from Tuesday till Friday - started right up. 4 hours later battery appeared to be dead - raised hood - when I went to driver’s side door my hand brushed the code entry strip and the lights came on - started the car. What is GOING ON??

Change the battery cables and see if the situation improves.

Remove both battery cables

Inspect the cables very carefully

Are they severely corroded?

If yes, clean them with a mixture of banking soda and water. I find that to be more effective than those cans of “battery cleaner” at the auto parts stores.

Now that they’re clean, inspect the cable ends

Are they broken . . . don’t be surprised if one of them is cracked all the way through

I don’t intend to offend any Ford fans on this website, but their battery cable ends are low quality, prone to breaking

Thanks for your response - not offended in any way - will NEVER buy another Ford product.

Easy, it is just a battery cable.

You’re never going to find a manufacturer with perfect quality.

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Also check the alternator, a parts store will do it.