2016 edge transmission leak

Trying to help my sister out with a transmission leak. I see the lines from the cooler bypass are nice and wet (red fluid). So I’m guessing these are the source. BUT I also noticed a small crack around the bolt in the case. It looks pretty dry to me.

So question, should I plan on replacing the AC condenser here as I believe it also functions as the trans cooler? Any chance the leak is just in the line? If it is just the lines and I replace them am I going to have to flush and refill the condenser as well? Any help or guidance here is much appreciated.

They are combined as a unit but why do you think that’s where the leak is? The picture you showed makes it look like the O-rings at that fitting are the leak points.

Clean the entire area of the car first and then look for the source of the leak.

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Ok, will do. Should be easy to replace the rings if that’s the leak point right? Or would I have to get a new bypass valve?