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2016 Dodge Ram 2500 - Back window

anyone have their back window shatter in a 2016 dodge ram truck for no reason

It can happen to any brand , so it is not just isolated to your vehicle . Lots of reasons , heat , stress , flying debris ( I still say that word is spelled wrong - it should be debree ) or getting to close to Area 51 .


No, but I threw a big chunk of a tree branch into the bed of a Dodge Ram once and the back window shattered. Insurance paid the full cost of repair (Mass).

It happens. A few years ago I was driving in Europe and encountered a woman standing besides a British car with the windshield completely starred and cracked to make it opaque. She had no idea why this happened and it was on a clean paved road in Holland. The weather was warm but not hot.

Th WW, the Dutch highway patrol soon arrived and had the car towed, Finding a replacement windshield for a 10 year old British car in Holland must have taken some time.

We get reports here of glass shattering for no apparent reason from time to time by posters. to see if any Ram owners have reported that, try the forum search feature, upper right on this page.