2016 Dodge Dart braking issue

I have a braking problem that I have described to the Service department at the Dealership I purchased my vehicle at. They had never heard of such a problem or were unaware that such a problem could occur! The situation is that when I brake the vehicle will suddenly want to lurch ahead as if I had tried to accelerate not to brake, I have had several near misses and one minor thumper-bumper issue. Any ideas as to what maybe the cause of this problem? Could it be that the accelerator does not disengage or what? Thank you for help/advice!

It’s possible there’s a leak between the master cylinder and the brake booster. Since the bumper-to-bumper part of the warranty has likely expired there’s no need to go back to the dealer. Have a good independent mechanic take a look. Don’t wait because this is a serious condition.

Have someone try cleaning the electronic throttle body.


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Are you inadvertently hitting the gas the same time as the brake? Are you a left foot braker? Is the area under the pedals free of debris?