2016 Chrysler Town and Country Rodent Wire Damage

Hello! I have a 2016 Chrysler Town and Country.

The “BRAKE” light was staying on a couple days ago after releasing the parking brake. I thought this light only related to the parking brake and I figured there might just be a problem with the limit switch. The brakes seemed to work fine. I found later this could indicate other brake problems, including low brake fluid.

I checked under the hood, and the brake fluid is full. Then I noticed that the sensor to the reservoir is cut and a 4-5 inch piece of the wire is missing (which I later found fallen below.). The wire to the vacuum pump is also chewed through, though no length is cut out. This seems to have happened because of some squirrel/rodent chewing it.

My question is how this would be repaired typically. You might be able to replace that part of the wiring/splice in an extra length, but would this be how it is normally repaired? I’m wondering if this is worth an insurance claim. I have a $500 deductible, and I could see this getting expensive if long lengths of wiring need to be replaced vs just splicing in a new length. And I don’t see any other broken wires and there are no other errors, but I guess there could be something I don’t see.

Thanks to anyone with any advice!

Well-done spices will be fine. I would use marine-grade crimp connectors (they have heat shrink tubing as part of the assembly) and matching color and gauge wire.

Others will no doubt chime in on how to prevent future rodent damage.

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He should get a cat like the one pictured on my Avatar.

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If it just a few obvious damaged wires, repair is quick and easy. If the damage is more extensive replacing a larger section of the wiring harness may be required. Wiring harnesses are in sections with connectors (plugs) at the ends so they can be joined when assembling the car.

Since we can see the damage nor can you see all the damage, take the car to a shop to get a repair estimate. Maybe the dealer.

We use this to prevent vehicles from rodent damage during storage.


A local mechanic recommended mothballs but the stench can be pretty bad. My wife almost refused to ride with me after I used them.

Those critters really like the soybean based insulation. Good splice, maybe soldered and then heat shrink tubing to keep the water out. Good as new. That Rodent Stopper has kind of a peppery or cinnamon smell but doesn’t last long. A lot better than moth balls.