2016 Chevy Impala audio system issues

Been having issues with the “infotainment” system on my impala for about 8 months now and can’t figure out what the problem is stemming from. Basically, whenever I connect my phone via Bluetooth or usb it’ll play audio for a little bit then cut off and the screen will go black and reboot, which in turn will disconnect and reconnect my phone and it will cycle like that infinitely. I’m hoping not to take it in to a shop because audio system repair shops in my area aren’t exactly the best and corporate car repair that could do it is going to charge an arm and a leg plus tax. Any pointers as to what it could be or how to go about fixing it?

Have you checked that your MyLink software is up to date?

I don’t have an option to update so I’m not sure if that means it’s up to date or not.

Check your owners manual on how to update, you might need to download software onto a USB stick and load it onto your system.

Or you might have to yank it and install a new radio.