2016 Cadillac Escalade - Rattles

2016 Escalade has bad rattle. Cadillac says the front struts are bad ($2700 to fix) and the 2nd row captain seats both have broken frames ($2500 a piece to fix). Very seldom does anyone sit in back and I do not drive on overly rough roads. No reason for broken frames. anyone had this problem?

This is a 7 year old SUV… no need to go to the dealer for repairs like this. Find a god local independent repair shop. The cost will be lower.


Thank you.

… which is 95% identical to a Chevy Suburban, so independent repair shops have been working on essentially identical vehicles for many years.

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Me: What’s the difference between a Suburban and an Escalade?

GM dealer: About $20,000.



The short (?!) wheel base Escalade is similar to the Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon. The extended wheelbase Escalade ESL is similar to the Suburban and Yukon XL. It’s sorta like the difference between the Camry and Lexus ES. They ES is more luxurious than the Camry but you can get pretty close with a highly optioned Camry XLE.

Good ideas above. Also ask your shop to check on used replacement seat pricing from an auto parts recycler. Might be considerably less expensive than repairing. The strut problem likely requires installing replacement struts. Ask for quotes on that job at several inde shops. It’s also possible – albeit unlikely – the struts are actually ok, but some of the strut mounting bolts need a re-tightening.

Took 3 min to find it.
A well trained monkey could install them.

I wonder what it is that’s “magnetic” about those struts? Concur w/@Cavell , remove/replacement job looks to be pretty simple. Not suggesting OP should attempt it as a diy’er project, but that most any well equipped competent shop should be able to do it without taking huge amounts of of labor time.


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Those are aftermarket struts with a list price of $1445. I’m sure the OEM pair is over $2000. A $2700 price installed by a Cadillac dealer is reasonable. BTW, it would have to be a pretty smart monkey with the tools necessary to verify correct installation. Just connecting the struts to the ECU doesn’t guarantee proper functionality.


I suppose if strut makes noise dealer will say replace it.

Tester’s post above is pretty informative about how the magnetizing aspect of these hi-tech shocks function. JTS is correct, if the electrical magnetizing current source somehow doesn’t make it to the strut assembly electrical input pin, seems like that could cause this symptom. I presume the shop techs have already verified the electrical input is correct, leading to the defective shock ass’y diagnosis.

all this has been helpful. Thank everyone. seat frames issues are very uncommon, correct?

Not a whole lot of discussion here about your make/model, seats or otherwise. You might try the forum search feature, see if someone has posted about an Escalade seat frame problem. Link upper right, this page.

Have you noticed any problems with wet seats or wet floors in the area around those seats? If so, the cause may be corroded welds.

You can search the internet and see if anyone else complained about seat frames. I don’t see any complaints at carcomplaints.com or NHTSA.gov. I guess you sat in the middle seats and manipulated them to see if there are any issues. If you don’t see or feel any problems there probably aren’t any.

Actually it does. Two wire connection with a connector that only installs one way. The ride control computer looks for continuity and resistance. If that is OK, no errors get set.

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Do we know this has Magnaride? It was optional.


No we don’t know… I think it was inferred from the very high cost of replacement.