2016 Buick LeSabre grinding noise after month in the garage

My car sat for over a month in the garage. When I started it and drove there was a sort of grinding noise that continued for a short time but got better. Was this due to the oil settling too much and not covering the motor parts enough, and with heating up and dispersing it got back to normal? Should I get it checked? It was fine before I couldn’t drive for a long time.

Thank you

Without actually being there in person try these first. 1. Check the oil level 2. Find an open place to make several hard stops from about 30 MPH in case there is surface rust from moister on the brake rotors 3. See if you can determine if the parking brake is releasing completely

If those don’t help then yes you need a shop .


Thank you for suggestions

I agree 100% with Mr Volvo’s suggestions, but the last Buick LeSabre was the 2005.

Was the parking brake on when the car was in the garage?

Hi… yes. Several people, and my mechanic, thinks it’s slightly rusty brakes. Again, noise all gone, and no oil light on on dashboard.

Appreciate your help.

What year is it?

But do you check the oil on a regular schedule ? Or are you depending on the light ?

Almost certainly rust on the brake rotors (and drums, if equipped) that will dissipate with use and braking. If you can safely put the parking brake on partway while underway, that will rub off the rust that’s associated with using the parking brake.

Always good to check your oil if there’s any question, and at other times, too.

I think 2015… got it second hand

Thank you, really appreciate all the advice.

Going to check it now and not just rely on the light. Most responses pointed fingers at the brakes getting slightly rusty rather than my original suggestion that it was the oil settling.

Appreciate all the responses. This is my second day on cartalk.com. Always loved the radio show.

Oil starvation is usually reported as a rattling noise, not a grinding noise.

what Buick do you have?

You think it is a 2015 ? It is not a LeSabre either so what is it ?

I would suspect just a little surface rust on the brakes that disappears after a few applications. One thing that can happen to a car sitting for a while is oil leaks from the valve lifters. The symptom would be a very rough idle for a few minutes until the lifters get pumped up again. Not likely for only sitting for a month though. I think check oil and drive on and have fun.

Sorry… Regal. Actually, it’s my girlfriend’s car. She had the problem and asked me to check.

Thank you. Majority of replies was brakes.

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You’re right. Sorry… Regal. It’s my girlfriend’s car… forgot what it was.