2016 Audi A4 - Smelly AC

Smelly aircon system

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There are sprays that con be introducted into the air vents to fix that. You can find them at Walmart or auto parts stores. Spray them into the cabin filter area.

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There is also a foam that sprays into the condensate drain that works pretty well found in many parts stores.

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I had a bad smell in my 2013 Equinox and found a mouse nest on top of my cabin air filter. I removed the filter and ran the heater fan on high while spraying Lysol into the hood cowl. I used about half the can and it was enough to get rid of the smell. After the smell was gone I replaced the cabin air filter.

Ed B.

Have you replaced the air filter? Have you checked the cabin air intake area (typically in front of the windshield) for leaves/twigs/other stuff?

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when was the last time the cabin air filter was replaced? That should be checked every six months and replaced every two years (28,000 miles) where I live.

Welcome to the group, AlvinJames. As said, the cabin air filter is the first place to look.

Audi and VW seem a bit more prone to smells, based on owner’s comments. It’s similar to home window AC units. “Mildew” can collect on the evaporator. Less common, the drain tube will plug (water gathers). If the smell doesn’t go away with the filter change, this owner posted a tutorial about cleaning the system, at filter changes.

Turning off ac a few miles before stopping can reduce mildew and moisture from condensation in the system.

Maybe, but it’ll increase my personal mildew and moisture…no thanks!

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Where are you getting that ? I doubt if a Audi forum can be used as a actual statement.
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