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2016 Acura TLX - Rats?

As a follow-on, @Wanda19 said she has no tools. The hose is behind the wheel well according to her. Replacement might require jacking the car up, removing the tire and wheel well. The removing the washer hose. She doesn’t have the jack, jack stands, and other tools needed.

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I guess my question was, how did the dealer determine it was a chewed hose if they didn’t look at it, when it could just as well be a cracked container. If they did look at it, why would it cost $154 to re-confirm it was a chewed hose. That container is tucked down under and not easy to get to. The dealer just blew it for some reason.

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They didn’t, the service adviser said it “probably” was rodent damage, that is a common problem.

Whether it is the reservoir or the hose that is damaged, these things are not easy to access so expect to pay a fee to inspect them.

Yes, rodents find them to be delicious. It seems that manufactures are using soy based plastics for wiring the harness and windshield washer hose.